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Organized Networks: A Guide for the Distracted Multitudes


By Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter ‘One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful’. Sigmund Freud These days, strategic considerations for political organization no longer bother with mediation, representation and identity politics. Instead, the key question revolves around the design of new (sustainable) organizational forms. What is the […]

The Aesthetics of Algorithmic Experience


By Ned Rossiter and Soenke Zehle We did not need the NSA scandal as a reminder that the minute we decide to engage in technologically mediated relations we inscribe ourselves in matrices of control. In fact, one might even question the status of NSA surveillance as a scandal: the democratically legitimated laws authorizing such big […]

Organizing Networks: Notes on Collaborative Constitution, Translation, and the Work of Organization


Abstract The return of political ontology and its critique of representation contribute to a retrieval of the antagonistic registers of “the political.” A corresponding interest in processes of collaborative constitution has explored alternative modalities of the (conflictual) production of (political) subjectivity. Because such efforts necessarily attend to the status of a principle of the actionable, […]

Precarity as a Political Concept, or, Fordism as Exception


Abstract In 2003, the concept of precarity emerged as the central organizing platform for a series of social struggles that would spread across the space of Europe. Four years later, almost as suddenly as the precarity movement appeared, so it would enter into crisis. To understand precarity as a political concept it is necessary to […]

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