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The Informational University, the Uneven Distribution of Expertise and the Racialization of Labour


In his book Nice Work If You Can Get It, Andrew Ross opens the final chapter on ‘The Rise of the Global University’ with the following assessment: ‘Higher education has not been immune to the impact of economic globalization. Indeed, its institutions are now on the brink of channeling some of the most dynamic, and […]

Urgent Aphorisms: Notes on Organized Networks for the Connected Multitudes


[Forthcoming in Mark Deuze (ed.) Managing Media Work, Sage, 2010] By Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter (The OrgMen) Four Stages of Web 2.0 Culture: Use. Modify. Distribute. Ignore. – Johan Sjerpstra In between the blog posting and the tweet there is the aphorism, a centuries old literary form that should do well amongst creative media […]

Winter Camp 09: From Weak Ties to Organized Networks – Ideas, Reports, Critiques


By Gabriella Coleman, Geert Lovink, Ned Rossiter and Soenke Zehle Winter Camp 09 Visions Wherever we look, there is a Will to Network. In most areas of the (post-)industrial world, networks are becoming a ubiquitous feature – of life, work and play. If they can – and are allowed to – teenagers spend hours texting, […]

Organizing Networks: Notes on Collaborative Constitution, Translation, and the Work of Organization


Abstract The return of political ontology and its critique of representation contribute to a retrieval of the antagonistic registers of “the political.” A corresponding interest in processes of collaborative constitution has explored alternative modalities of the (conflictual) production of (political) subjectivity. Because such efforts necessarily attend to the status of a principle of the actionable, […]

The Digital Given – 10 Web 2.0 Theses


By Ippolita, Geert Lovink & Ned Rossiter 0. The internet turns out to be neither the problem nor the solution for the global recession. As an indifferent bystander it doesn’t lend itself easily as a revolutionary tool. The virtual has become the everyday. The New Deal is presented as green, not digital. The digital is […]

Urban China – Counter-Mapping Creative Industries (Special Issue)


Special Issue: Mónica Carriço, Bert de Muynck, Ned Rossiter (eds) ‘Creative China: Counter-Mapping the Creative Industries’, Urban China 33 (November, 2008). Designed by Hendrik-Jan Grievink This issue of Urban China sets out to critique and redefine the idea and practice of ‘mapping’ the creative industries. Foregrounding the experimental process of collaborative constitution, we are interested […]

A Hierarchy of Networks?, or, Geo-Culturally Differentiated Networks and the Limits of Collaboration


Earlier this year the edu-factory organizers invited me to comment on the passage from hierarchisation to autonomous institutions. Indeed, I think it appropriate to maintain the connection between hierarchy and autonomy. This constitutive tension is apparent in the political economy and social-technical dimensions of both open source and proprietary software that provides the architecture for […]

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